i drank a beer tonight and my stomach wants to explode from it.

i really can't put gluten in my system anymore... at all.
it's really weird how much things have changes in the past year.
even stranger how much can change when one simply listens...

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  1. dear Velocity,
    I'm a celiac as well. If you ever need a place to stay in the DC/NOVA area and you want to be able to eat without dieing, you're very welcome in my home. I was off my diet for like 5-6 years until I got so sick i almost couldn't eat anything. The doctors told my parents that it was something i would grow out of. So when they divorced I ate whatever. After living on my own I started paying better attention to my body and how what I ate affected me. I got back on the gluten free diet and got healthy. I still don't really gain weight easily. Not that I can complain about that. Anyways, just been stalking you're blog for a bit so thought i'd say hello.