the dust bowl i call home.

the long awaited (?) burning man photo blog:

the images are mangled and sparse due to my POS camera dying intermittedly throughout the event. pictures just don't do this mecca justice though...

this fucking bike kept falling off a companions car.
it took us over 20 hours to get to reno.

i was pretty stoked on this town's name and quaint bareness.

not nearly as stoked as i was about the man.
more specifically the organic 2x4 structure around it.

this is soma. it gets awesome points for the huxley reference, but more awesome points for just being what it is... a fire and metal representation of a neuron.

this is why i need a better camera.
i really enjoy this art car:

and bunny from rabbit in the moon dropped by. lots of big names music wise (if you're a techno-phile), though i wasn't super impressed with the variety or quality of tunage. i genuinely assume i was looking in the wrong place.


this is fishbug. he breathed fire. yay!

my favorite art installation on the playa was this grotto made of laser cut steel layers that had a continuous fire celing. the fire would dance around, almost die, then catch the latent gas and combust across the whole thing. it was this elaborate, ever evolving dance and absolutely incredible.

this thing was packed, every night.
it was almost as fun to watch the people on the ground as the lights.

the birthday cake art car!


sunset in this thing was beautiful.

the fact is there is no way i could not feel like i didn't do enough.

next year, i intend to contribute in some manner, and generally socialize more. the physical conditions are harsh, so it's easy to laze about and feel icky... atleast if you don't have a sand proof tent.
preparation is key.
it's still home though. i knew that as soon as i got through the gates, so i'll go back.

i just ordered 50 fuji imitation-polaroids for the 450 land camera we've had lying around forever and my goal is to have a 8 image portfolio i'm happy submitting to the web out of my fist 50. i'm far too ambitious.

next catch up blog: images from the cheap motel in chicago.

new zivity set up, love it!



i've been sitting in an empty, mis-matched and dilapadated motel room since i woke up this morning in it. while i've been working away on this stolen wi-fi signal i've watched the light change, the way it reflects from the 3 completely different blinds in the room.

all this shithole makes me want to do is take pictures.

i'm trying a new sort of trade soon, modeling for modeling/borrowing of photography equipment. i can't itirate how excited i am to play the other part in the artistic tango of creating great images... and to be the one ultimately in control of how those images look.

i badly need a copy of photoshop.

(burning man blog within the next 3 days. promise!)



i am back from burning man, and exhausted.
i'll be cleaning playa out of my car, clothes and hair for a month.

will have an entry up about it soon.

i feel like i'm living too fast to observe in the depth that i like to.
i don't have time to sit down and write, or read a book anymore.
i just drive into the sunset or the dawn, and drive and drive and drive....

things must change.