i almost died today....
i'm so lucky.

there is so much wrong with my life right now, but i still have it.

and one really has no idea how much that means
until their vehicle bounces between the guardrails like an air hockey puck,
is almost t-boned by a semi, hit by 2 cars and totaled,
and they walk away with a few bumps and scratches..

i'm counting all the good things twice before i even consider the negatives.

the bump on my head may have knocked some sense into me.


the point.

i'm not very good at communicating (especially online) right now due to the intense amount of action and thought in response to stress and conflict my life has consisted of recently.

moving to philly was necessary, but trying.

i'm dealing with some medical issues, and have no time to relax.
i'm just hoping my intake of tea and vitamins cushions the grinding.

i feel bad to be so lame about updating, or existing, recently.
i'll be fully functional again by mid march, guaranteed.
stay tuned.


seperate whole.

hawaii is almost as lovely as her.
(by brink ability, with v larsen.)

my life is SOOO full and it's about to overflow...

the nausea has been relentless recently. no matter how happy i am, who i'm near, how wonderful the place i'm staying may be, the act of living makes nauseous.

i am happy though.
for the first time in months,
i'm really happy.