i almost died today....
i'm so lucky.

there is so much wrong with my life right now, but i still have it.

and one really has no idea how much that means
until their vehicle bounces between the guardrails like an air hockey puck,
is almost t-boned by a semi, hit by 2 cars and totaled,
and they walk away with a few bumps and scratches..

i'm counting all the good things twice before i even consider the negatives.

the bump on my head may have knocked some sense into me.


  1. You have a wonderful attitude, glad nobody was seriously hurt.

  2. It is not that there is so much wrong in your life right now; it is you are in the middle of determining your life or finding out who you really are. You are remarkable, and yes your spirit partner flowed his hand down to you to cushion and keep you safe; yes you are very lucky. More lucky than many as you are allowing your soul to waunder while you seek your own path to your future. When you find it, you will know it. All of those who have only met you and those who know you will all agree; you are a remarkable lady and you have made an impression on all where ever you go.

    Good speed and be safe. You are very special.

  3. Thank God (or whoever's watching over) you are okay... (",)

  4. too bad you're still around to talk about it.