no secret to life.

i'm bawling my eyes out in the minneapolis airport, doing my very best to be inconspicuous so no one asks me what's wrong. my lack of ability to define my problems would probably only make me weep much harder.

i did something i needed to today, but i feel awful about it.

february was too much.

unraveling is too kind a verb,
too slow and too predictable.

i feel like a glacier on the move, shedding tons of my self into the ocean and leaving giant monuments to my journey in my wake. always melting.

my most persistent flaw and perhaps one of the defining traits of my being is the overabundance of love contained in my being. it confuses and distracts me, and enables even the unknowing to manipulate me a mere wave of the phalanges...

how else can i serve you?
how in the world can i serve me?

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  1. :(
    in order to serve others we must first find how we serve ourselves, perhaps it is only through discovering what makes us content in life that we can finally figure out what it is we need to so to work on relationships with people. Once we find out path, it should be illuminanting for us.
    i hope you find what it is you need for the rivers of salt water to stop running.