big brother and the twitternet.

no, i will not be signing up for twitter.

i already have an ex's therapist stalking my online persona, along with who knows what random assortment of people from my past and recently an angry, malicious follower who decides to anonymously post spiteful things on my entries every once in a while.

aside from the drama, i am simply a private being.

i like staying in my house for days at a time,
and i don't enjoy others knowing what i'm doing or who i'm with.
i'm not secretive, i just enjoy things individually.

call me a creeper, i guess.


  1. too bad i'd have liked to read your random thoughts but your blog works too

  2. Anonymous trash talk is so childish. Sounds like they need to stop living in your shadow and live their own lives. You're inspiring, and I think the privateness helps to create a sort of mysterious modeling persona that others can use for their art :)