the science of silence.

it's interesting to note what place certain personalities take in each others lives.

and to realize that the people you love most are rarely your "ideal."

i used to have faith in some idealistic universalism, but these days i'm more of a follower of the church of contentment. not hedonism... just positive outcomes for all.

on the note of ideals:
i'm none of them and i never will be.
how i'm making a living doing what i do is fucking beyond me.

i'm forcing the issue of getting out of philly and hoping when i return i will be out of this funk. i need to generate some income, see some familiar and new faces and breathe different air.


  1. You seem to be an amazing person. And you have a way of writing that inspires. I bid you all the best ahead, and I hope to read your stuff for ages to come.

    And whoever this person may be who is attempting to terrorize you on here, velocity, you have clearly shown that you are bigger than them. Keep up your amazing attitude.

    My kindest regards

  2. love this framing. sharpness/softness contrast is a little much, but i freaking love the framing and monochromatic tones.

    you're wonderful.

    one day.

    agree with above; i appreciate your personal words.