clean slate.

a realization upon finding my old blogs (of 5+ years ago) packed to the brim with entries...

i was more full of tenacity, life, articulation, despair, joy, expression and general pure emotion when i was 15 than i will ever be. i was determined as fuck, planning to graduate from an esteemed college by the age of 21 (basically within the next year).... existence is a series of events that either decays the soul or causes you to put up walls against said degradation.

(or i screw up a lot.)

also noted: how twisted and odd i've been from the beginning of my mental independence...

i just paid off thousands of dollars worth of student loans.
i am no longer in debt, semi-broke, and soon to be free (or close to free) of ties.

and then: assessment.

edit: wtf i want my brain back:

i follow patterns and cycles. i am as predictable as spring coming every year. but spring is never really that predictable, all we know is when it comes and what it may bring.

i will always find ways to escape my ever persistent, cold, unfeeling, and logical mind. i will always divulge into chaos whenever i can. be it intoxication, beauty, art or the simple smile in my lover's eyes i will always try to run away from reality, and lose myself in the violet waves of mindless indulgence. but i will never be consistent in finding one escape, i will run from one to the other, escape even my releases.

the cycle of perceived intelligence and stupidity defines my life. it always has and always will. as i drift from logical control to chaotic escape, people will always see me as the intelligent idiot.

the shade of dusk's skies will always be to color of my soul. sometimes navy blue, sometimes vibrant hues of orange and purple. i will recede into myself and come out strong, similar to the oceans foam crested tides.

but you will never be able to predict everything about me, i am not an exact science. i am not an exact anything.

all i can tell you, is that i follow patterns and cycles, that have their own spontaneous aversions and patterns. and maybe, if you watch me closely, like an astrologist viewing the heavens, you might be able to have an idea of what i will be tomorrow.

but that's not a guarantee, i can guarantee you that."

-written causally at 15

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