by itsajackal.

i'm finding it difficult to be positive, or just now noticing how negative i really am.

this morning i realized, thanks to one of the most beautiful women i've ever met, that even the thought that things could be worse is ultimately a negative one.

now i'm sitting here alone, which is half my fault and half circumstance, and i wish more than anything that i had my car so i could drive into the country and think. the knowledge that something is broken doesn't always come with any hints pertaining to its repair.


  1. This reminded me of a piece I wrote. Latest post.

  2. Learn to understand the outside world by looking inward and you will access true and authentic wisdom. Learn to understand the inside world by looking outward and you will access true and authentic knowledge.

  3. Do the world a favor and end it.

  4. Well, ambiguity in what will; I will stop. It's a great comment as it.