holiday thanks/nostalgia.

so, in appreciation of my super cool fans at zivity i will be sending out unique, one of a kind prints to my 3 top fans of the sets i have come out in december. think of it as a slightly late holiday gift, personalized and signed.

the prints are sort of a piece of my modeling history, as they are from one of my first shoots with a professional photographer, jamie hankin, who works as the studio manager for saks fifth avenue. he was working on a gallery showcase of women with tattoos and contacted me about the project, which was one of many of the times i've counted myself lucky since this has become my career.

the images are intentionally minimal, shot on film. it's rather apparent (to me atleast) that i've come a long way with my modeling since then. there's a sort of natural essence to these images that i can't articulate, though they're quite lovely.

here's a preview of one of them.

the first set that counts towards this festive contest is the lantern, which was just released a couple days ago. i will be tallying up the votes from that, as well as the 3-4 sets i expect to come out in december. the top 3 voters on christmas day will be announced as the recipients of a lovely one of a kind matte print personally signed with a note!

the cold makes me sleepy. so fucking sleepy.


  1. I haven't seen this (or the ones with it forever). Or it seems that long ago. It did take a little time to find your niche before you blew up the joint.
    Hmm. wow. Weird/fun to think back on. And what the hell am I doing here?
    Take care

  2. okay, so I didn't see it. ( what a headtrip). Well, no excuses. You and photog did a hell of a job getting your "look" back. It was a bit odd to read this and also during the last 24 hrs. I voted and commented on one of Kess' sets. It really was fascinating to watch you two, not sure what was going to happen, but it was going to be big. Thanks for letting me be a fly on the wall for some of this. Continue to take care Velocity.
    Love ya lots, always will.