speaking of nostalgia...

this is from my first nude shoot ever, by the awesome dave wood in my home state of colorado. it's being featured in the february issue of black and white magazine,
as a merit award single image.

i put a TV on my head because i was nervous about the experience and felt that the more i could throw myself into it artistically the better it would go. in other words, i didn't want to be naked on a backdrop... it would have been too much at the time.

so, i smashed out the TV myself, probably inhaling tons of chemicals, and hot glued some padding to the edges, spray painted the screen, drove up to denver and shot. it was among my first 5 shoots, ever, but one of the ones i creatively vibe with most to these days. and the chemicals probably residing in my lungs were %100 percent worth it just for how much i love the images, recognition or not.

it's nice when things from a year ago come and pat you on the back.

i'm (oddly) feeling super productive, or maybe the pile of stuff i have to do before i hit the road is just so huge that my brain is forgetting about sleep. and my newly revamped (and SOOO much better) ink thanks to khary at living color tattoo in rochester, means my chest feels like i got punched- i wouldn't be able to sleep on my stomach like i like, so to i'm just going stay up all night, getting things done.

being domestic is not friendly to modeling.
my hands are covered in marks from my kitten, cooking, and sewing.

i'm letting the alphabet be the DJ tonight and so far it's been bangin, but after this 2 hours of prodigy there's an hour and a half of propaghandi, and i don't know if i give a fuck about government anymore... i certainly don't watch the news or interact with the real world in any way other than a consumer. it's sort of frustrating to ponder.

off to be domestic some more!

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