sleepwalking through a sandpit.

i haven't posted in a while because of my lack of a desire to sound like a whiny emo bitch.

i'm lucky as hell, get to lead an amazing lifestyle, have options, self sufficient, and still i can not be content. granted, i'm trying to move, book 3 months of work (my MM inbox, at last count, has about 250 active messages in it), and continue to function in reality, but the stimulation i've been stumbling upon should really be enough to satiate me.

i am packing this week, everything i own.

i wonder if any city will ever end the hunger.

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  1. "...my lack of a desire to sound like a whiny emo bitch"
    That's some funny shit! LOL great line! That goes up there with one I saw on another blog. The writer talked about needing to go to the gym to work on her "ever widening ass". Just little snippets of pure truth. Love both of them