time < i

i will never feel there are enough hours in a day.

today was crammed full of some aweome stuff though:

(by the wonderful izzy.)

and this is from yesterday.

(by insuh yoon.)

huzzah for freezing for the sake of art.

i'm in a weird spot right now because the one person i truly want to talk to is alienated from me, completely. i'm in a self-mutinous mood, it's no good.

i'm so lucky to meet all the amazing/goofy/wonderful people i do through my craft though. despite all the BS being a traveling nude model entails, the good and wholesome people you meet along the way definitely compensate for the akward hotel room shoots, the hours wasted in front of my computer, etc. i am so lucky.

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  1. Love the white sky. Contrast captures your mood i think.