i had my first "real" photoshoot as a photographer on sunday.
first, erica bee shot me for a new zivity set. :

then i shot her! working with an manual SLR for the first time was difficult but a blast, and even though 80% of the images came out blurry, i feel like i've already taken some pretty big steps as far as style, lighting and composition go.

i'm starting with portraits. both simple -as you are- type stuff and super creative, avant garde type head shots. shooting both with the same model should give me some interesting series, i'm going to do hair and makeup for all of them as well. hooray creative control!

anyways, here's a few that i've edited, PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK if you would, i'm super anxious to know how well these actually turned out vs. how giddy i am about them.

(SO CUTE!!!)

(yeah, all of my hair and makeup concepts are hella bowie-esque)

shooting my first polaroids tomorrow.
i'm ready to fall in LOVE.


  1. They're really good hun, you have cause to be giddy :)Best of luck with your photography.

  2. Great photos, especially for a first shoot. Isn't it cool when you get from the camera what you had in mind when you clicked the shutter?