leaving has never be so hard.

less than a week ago i was lucky enough to bring two absolutely amazing little balls of fur home and call them mine. they are mother and son.

the little one (15 weeks now) is the runt, and was born strange so his back legs are weak and he wobbles around like a drunk and is generally clumsy. he's also one of the most vocal kittens i've ever met and loves to run around mewing and falling all over himself. appropriately, we named him crash. he sleeps sometimes too.

his mother is a poly-dexterous cat, which means she has an extra toe, or thumb, on every paw. it's a dominant genetic mutation that crash somehow didn't get, but that's how we initially became interested in her. who doesn't love mutants?

her name is minerva (aka mama cats) and she's incredibly mellow and affectionate.

frank came over to shoot a zivity set the other day and i convinced him to take some pictures of my naked self and crash. here are some of the results:

kitten = awesome implied nude device.

when frank emailed me this message it was titled "punchline."
it's pretty hilarious and slightly twisted.

long story short, i'm completely in love with these creatures and now i have to leave for 2-3 weeks. i think i might have to make all my trips shorter from now on because goddamnit, i have a family now.

polaroid camera hates me, and my toubleshooting has been in vain thus far.

but i shot raelyn today using the point-n-shoot. got some great art nudes of doom shots in the abandoned subway of rochester as well as lake ontario. she's so awesome, even using a bullshit camera i got wonderful stuff with her. you can't wait to see it, trust me.

one more day, then on the road again...

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