murky motel mirrors.

i am inspired by the oddest things.

like crappy motel rooms.

these are the results of my first attempt at "model photography" all taken on a simply point-n-shoot with available light in the most awesome gross motel ever outside of chicago.

accompanying the images are bits of prose written in the same place.
(art-faggotry alert!)

here i cast grape seeds on the floor, bathing in the carelessness of the room. this place is not putrid, merely neglected and akward, and perhaps that is what has fueled this need, this lust.

i watched sunlight rapture it's muffles symphonies on the unmatched curtains, and was moved. stimulated, as if by endorphins or touch, compelled by the innocence of constricted illumination.

sensuality is a cheap model room at dusk,
the mush of black grapes on my tongue,
and the elusive touch of light.

i am cleansed in dilapidation.

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  1. These are great. I think "cleansed in dilapidation" should be the name of an album.

    Your photographer shots in the other post are nice as well. Much better than you would expect from most people's first time behind the lens.