upside down.


the past 3 days have seen so much changes in plans it's mind boggling. i will spend the next 2 or 3 months between rochester, new jersey, philly, portland, seattle, DC, north carolina, colorado, texas, burning man, and who knows where else.

i came home from NYC to an apartment with no electricity, which awoke me to the fact that i am not nearly as in control of my life as i like to think. and that this needs to change.

since the breaker got flipped an hour ago i've been trying to get necessary things done but wound up here, bitching and moaning because life has thrown some serious curveballs at me and i have so much planning and work to do.

but this is what life as an artist is. one must seize oppurtunities, make pilgrimmages, be flexible and persistent to succeed in any arena of the artistic realm, because it's all so damn subjective. here is where a certain accquaintance of mine would say something like: "i don't see what's subjective about your modeling, you only succeed because of your tits."

some people suck, others not so much.
the trick is to stay surrounded by the slight pull of the lesser ones, all equidistant and all coming from slightly different directions. kept in limbo by the slight circular vaccum of existence.

...enough poetic BS. i have a smelly, moldy fridge to clean.

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