going home?

this is a shot of me and the lovely kessM by azzara. i get to shoot with her and lori mann next week. i have a feeling the results will be SO mind blowingly hot they might be banned if we post them on the interenet. just sayin.

i fly "home" to rochester from seattle tonight, and arrive at 2pm. after recovering from jetlag for a day i get to pack for burning man/living out of my car for 2 months (schedule below), and move the majority of the stuff in my apartment to my new one, in one week. then i embark on the most extensive trip i'll have been on to date, and ultimately get to really go home, for a week, to the playa.

i'm sorta conflicted about what matters most to me in life right now, aside from the obvious goals of doing well with modeling and going back to school, which is relatively dependent on the former. my occupation makes location sort of flexible, but i've got ties even when i've tried to avoid them.

when i'll be where:

DC- august 6-10

roadtrip to burningman! august 10-29
tentative schedule:
august 10-11: DC to Penland, NC (possible stops in VA, MA, or NC)
august 11-17: Penland, NC (booking in NC, or east TN)
august 17-18: NC to Nashville, TN (possible stop in chattanooga)
august 18-21: Nashville, TN or surrounding areas
august 21-24: St Louis and Kansas City
august 24-28: CO (booking in denver, springs & nearby)
august 28-29: CO to Nevada (stops in UT or eastern NV possible)

roadtrip back to rochester: september 10-22
tentative schedule:
(dates still very flexible)
september 10-11: from CO to Omaha, NE.
september 11-12: from Omaha, NE to Milwaukee, WI
september 12-16: Milwaukee, WI & Chicago, IL
september 16-17: Chicago, IL to Detroit, MI (possible stops in IN)
september 17-18: Detroit, MI
september 18-20: Detroit, MI to Pittsburgh, PA
september 20-21: Pittsburgh, PA
september 21-22: Pittsburgh, PA to Rochester, NY

TEXAS in late october (houston, dallas, maybe austin).

CALIFORNIA in early december (LA and SF, maybe SD?)

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