converting files.

it feels like that's what my brain is doing.

i can't get anything done, all i do is fret.

only thing i've succeeded in doing today:

updated list of where i'll be and when:
PHILADELPHIA: july 11-15

PORTLAND: july 15-22
SEATTLE: july 22-27

DC- august 5-10

roadtrip to burningman august 10-30
going through the following states:

VA, NC, TN, KY, IL, MO, KA, CO, UT, NV (maybe AZ and NM?)

roadtrip back to rochester: september 8-?
going through the following states:
NV, UT, CO, whatever random western states i find work in,
MN, WI, IL, IN, MI, OH, western PA.

either TEXAS or DENVER in october.
CALIFORNIA by the end of the year.

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  1. hi miss
    I just inserted a link to your blog.
    hope that`s ok for you :-)

    btw. why not updating your blog with new work ?