on the road, or off?

life = grr.

i find myself at crossroads all too often. i find myself easily traversing untraveled paths even more often, and convenient lovely distractions litter my existence like a trail of jelly beans.

the moments of joy in the life of a gypsy are extreme.
the instances of misfortune are often moreso.

i'm very torn between the life my intellect craves and the wandering my spirit seems addicted to, and fulfilled by. things have been so serendipitous in california that it's become even harder to consciously walk away from the incredibly unique and beautiful lifestyle i have built for myself. if there was a way to satiate and grow my brain while simultaneously existing in this nebulous cloud of flexibility and change, that would be wonderful. i have two weeks to decide if that's the case.

i'll keep smiling either way though.


  1. i am envious of you. i don't know if you knew that. but i am.
    you have choices.
    i'm lost.

  2. Your wandering spirit & intellectual cravings are not mutually exclusive. Why can't you follow your spirit & enjoy while you have the opportunity & return to complete your studies when you are ready? If you cannot have both simultaneous maybe sequentially is the next best thing?

    Sometimes there are lessons in life that aren't in a classroom & worth exploring. When you do return to studies you want it to be in something you are passionate about and that will be fulfilling for you years from now. How focused and ready will you be if you know there are opportunities & adventures out there?

    Whatever you do, take your time & don't forget to stop & smell the roses along the way..