sleepless nights, the road and the scale.

i'm back on track. which means days without sleeping, traveling like a madman, living on the internet and keeping myself so busy i can't think about the pit in my brain. the road has an interesting effect on people, emphasizing the individuals state of dependence and almost all other attributes with the stress of getting things done in an unfamiliar place.

i don't think i could live in a relaxed manner. i thrive on mania.

none of this is as pretty as i pretend to be.

(doesn't my phone takes damn fine pictures? it infrequently works as a phone, but the camera function is exceptional.)


  1. So... I never knew this existed. Until about ten minutes ago.

  2. Velocity:
    You are quite the woman, stunning, quite crazy, driven, going 200 miles per hour. One day you must stop and smell the roses dear before they all wilt.
    You know I love you and I wish you all the best. Do not foget to call me when you get back up my way this fall, hopefully.