model's block.

i repeat the same routine, just a series of posed emotions, cheapened beauty and deft hands.

(by jade noir)

i just want to be back in school.

i'm not feeling too awesome right now, in fact i've been eating lots of amazing gluten free baked goods the past week to try to distract myself from that fact. i want time to read and be curious and creative, but i don't even have time to get my work done properly. i can't even work right now because i'm too busy worrying about who will take care of the kitty love of my life while i live in my car to save up to go back to school. i hope to financially be halfway there after summer is said and done.

i fear i will never be content, and relish it at the same time.
progress is the child of discord.

(by my photographic muse: izzy, head piece by j. martin.)

disaster is an enticing thing, or maybe i'm just masochistic.


  1. you're living in your car? i really wish i could help

  2. Wish I could help out somehow hun. And I wish you the best in everything you do. *hug*