the fuel in my head from the flesh.

right now i wish i didn't need sleep, love, or all of the comforts of living.

i wish i could run on apples and ambition alone. that would mean i could save up enough money to go back to school in less than a year, i'm sure.

i have been surrounded by incredible, talented, and kind people for the greater part of the last year, with this trip throwing that into sharp focus. i've been working with an amazing team the past 2 days and having other inventive artists to collaborate with does SO much for my creative energy... i'm still buzzing.

texas is a sauna. but there's some really rad people here.


  1. good to read that you're having fun!

  2. With no rent to pay, couches to sleep on, and frugal living, this is very much possible.

    I hope to watch you do it.

  3. You have a Dad that loves you and you always have a soft place to land........