i have no time for decompression, and so i am trying to live every day just like i strove to on the playa, with an open heart and mind and more determination than usual.

i do not have a multitude of images to show for my adventure, nor would they depict anything about what this burn really consisted of for me. it was much less a party and much more a prayer.

the desert taught me some fucking important things this year.
and i learned them (mostly) alone.

there is great solidarity in singularity.

on with life, it's the most precious thing i own.


  1. i'm fairly certain i biked past you on the playa last week, but i both couldn't remember your name at the moment and had too pee too bad to turn around and so the moment blew past like so much dust in my goggles.

    i'm glad to see you made it out again this year.