rain makes me sleepy.

i'm retracing the roots of electronic music tonight and working my way through the entire kraftwerk discography. i completely forgot how diverse those fuckers are.

i feel like i've fallen into a creative slump recently, yet i've been creating for a living. it's a little odd. i just used to have a ridiculous output level of material art, and everything i'm focused on now is much less tangible.

(but still very pretty.)
(shoot for auxiliary magazine)

my boyfriend's out of town for a few weeks so hopefully the lonliness of this empty apartment will make me bust out the sewing machine and bags of half finished projects. it's odd how silence makes the juices flow.

i'll be in:
NYC june 23/24-29.
portland july 15-22
seattle july 22-28
dc august 5-10

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  1. Well, if you want to keep going back beyond Kraftwerk, you could stop off at Can (Tago Mago), Neu!, Faust, Eno, and Tangerine Dream. Just some suggestions.